I'm just your typical fashion obsessed sixteen year old. Currently living in the middle of no where in possibly the rainiest place on the planet (Scotland, for anyone who couldn't guess), and right now I should be studying. I want to move to London to do a degree in fashion communication and Alexander McQueen is the only thing that makes my heart skip a beat.

When someone asks me 'what do you love?' the answer is - along with the usual friends, family and occasional Hannah Montana marathon - clothes. There's something about the way clothes can completely determine your first impressions of someone that I find fuels my passion. Sometimes they can tell you more things about a person's personality than spending a day with them could - and I love more than anything that they can be used as a way to express yourself.

I've started this blog as a place to document designs I've drawn, clothes I've made and outfits I've styled - but who knows what it will turn into. And if you've read this, know that I love you!

D x

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